Monday, September 30, 2013

Ikea Raskog cart - Project life storage

Hello Lovelies!
Welcome to my blog... I thought i would dedicate my first blog post to my project life storage. I hope you enjoy

This is the Ikea raskog cart setup-but naked. As soon as I put it together, which did not take a long time at all-
I instantaneously started filling it up with my goodies.

I also bought clear containers that fit perfectly in the ''basket'' if you will. They are called the antonius basket inserts and perfectly fit the PL 3x4(s) and 4x6(s). pictured above. Yes i know my collection needs to grow . So far i have my cards organized by kits, but i have a lot of ideas of how to organize them better.

The inserts also can organize yous inks, stamps, embellishments, washi tape exc. quite nicely. There is also a little extra room between the basket and the liner which i slipped in my beloved thickers. 

This is the third/bottom basket of the cart. I also have the clear liner in this basket. 
. From left to right: 
- Washi that i use for swaps and stuff.
-My WeRmemorykeepers 3x4 card punch. 
(also works on photos, i absolutely love this thing)
-Some baby wipes to clean my rubber stamps
-A photo box from michaels
- & a coupon caddy with random pictures.
I love that this insert has empty spaces, so that I have room to grow. 
All in all i love this cart and how organized everything is and will make doing a layout so much easier. 

What is your favorite project life storage? I would love to know below. (: